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Custom – Designed For You

Transforming Your Dreams into Reality: Custom Homes in Maryland

The expert builders at Euro Homes excel at designing residences tailored to each client’s distinctive lifestyle. Whether a bustling family or empty nesters seeking tranquility, Euro Homes understands the importance of every design decision. They work closely with homeowners, listening intently to preferences, needs and desires. If it’s a spacious gourmet kitchen for culinary devotees or a peaceful outdoor oasis for nature aficionados, Euro Homes ensures each home aspect aligns with the owner. With focus on functionality and beauty, they transform houses into personalized havens deeply resonating with Ocean City homeowners. From initial consultations through finishing touches, the artisans at Euro Homes concentrate on the details making each residence unique.

Custom Home Builder Ocean City

Understanding The Lifestyle You Want

Quality custom home builders like Euro Homes make it a top priority to completely comprehend their clients and how they envision living in their perfect home. In-depth consultations are conducted to capture homeowners’ perspectives, ideas, requirements and design inclinations. Maintaining open and continuous communication throughout the process ensures the evolving plans fully reflect the homeowner’s vision each step of the way. Homeowners have abundant opportunities to review and refine floor plans, exterior designs, room layouts and more while their direct input shapes the home.

Floor Plans Designed For Your Lifestyle

A major benefit of custom home building is the ability to completely customize the floor plan and layout rather than being constrained by generic pre-determined configurations. Since standardized floor plans are not enforced, homeowners can modify spaces to ideally suit their family’s lifestyle needs. Extra bedrooms can be added, rooms reconfigured, great rooms opened up, dream gourmet kitchens built – nothing is off the table when it comes to optimizing functionality and flow. This custom tailoring results in a home aligned with how the family lives.

Your Distinctive Style Exquisitely Translated

One hallmark of gifted custom builders is their talent for bringing a homeowner’s unique personal style to life through intentional design details. Your favorite architecture styles, cultural elements, fabric choices, and artistic inspirations all contribute to the aesthetic vision. With keen attention to each nuance, bespoke touches make the home unmistakably yours. The end result is a residence that authentically reflects your essence.

Seamless Integration of Cutting-Edge Technology

Today’s custom homes often seamlessly integrate smart home technology for added convenience, efficiency and capabilities. Your builder can outfit your home with lighting, climate and entertainment controls easily activated through voice commands, smartphones or tablets. With automated, connected functions integrated throughout, you’ll enjoy ultimate comfort, security and modern living. The integration of smart home tech ensures your new abode effortlessly aligns with your tech-savvy lifestyle.

Custom Home Builders Ocean City Md

Meticulous Construction and Workmanship -Luxury Home Builder in Ocean City

From laying the foundation to installing final accents, experienced custom builders like Euro Homes oversee each construction milestone with care and expertise. Highly skilled tradespeople are utilized to actualize the home plans, integrating top-notch materials and meticulous workmanship. Timelines and budgets are carefully managed through coordination and communication every step. With keen attention to each and every detail, your dream home transitions seamlessly from blueprint to breathtaking final product.

By selecting an attentive and talented local home builder committed to quality craftsmanship, you can feel confident your unique vision will come to fruition through a collaborative custom home building process. With insight into your lifestyle, inspired designs, smart home integration and uncompromising construction, your custom builder helps manifest the home of your dreams.

Working With Custom Home Builders

Selecting the right custom home builder for your  project is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your dream home. The ideal builder becomes an invaluable partner, guiding you through every phase with experience and commitment to excellence. When you evaluate potential builders in the Ocean City area, you’ll find that Euro Homes sits at the top among quality builders.

Custom Home Building Expertise – Quality Craftsmanship

Look for an established builder with years of expertise designing and constructing custom homes. Euro Homes has a portfolio showcasing a diverse range of styles, as well as proven success executing complex designs. Custom home building requires mastery of details that production builders simply don’t need. Choose someone with demonstrated specialty experience.

Expect a Collaborative, Client-Focused Mindset

Your input should be welcomed and respected throughout the process. Beware builders who try to push you into cookie-cutter designs. You want a builder who listens attentively, incorporates your vision and communicates extensively. Collaboration leads to the best outcome.

Confirm a Commitment to Quality Craftsmanship

Your home should be constructed to exacting standards using only top-tier materials and tradespeople. Ask about the builder’s qualifications, certifications, subcontractor relationships and quality assurance processes. Their focus should be on maximizing quality craftsmanship in your home.

Thoroughly Review Previous Custom Projects

Evaluate actual custom homes the builder has delivered in your area. Photos should showcase high-end details and impressive finishes. If possible, speak with previous clients about their experience. The builder’s portfolio should instill confidence in their skills and your future satisfaction.

Expect Realistic Timeline and Budget Estimates

Beware drastically low-balled bids—quality custom homes take time and meticulous workmanship. That said, the builder should be able to provide reasonable projections for both budget and timeline. Look for transparency about what’s included versus additional change orders.

Establish Rapport, Trust and Compatibility

You’ll be collaborating extensively, so it’s essential you establish a positive working relationship rooted in mutual understanding and trust. Make sure your builder’s communication style and personality mesh well with yours.

Taking time to select the ideal custom home builder pays dividends in a smoother, more rewarding build process and superior end results. Do your due diligence, and you’ll find the perfect partner to construct your dream home.

The Custom Home Design Journey

The design phase lays the all-important foundation for your future dream home. Skilled custom home builders  like Euro Homes dedicate ample time to the design process, welcoming homeowners as collaborative partners. Maintaining open communication and aligning on expectations drives optimal results. Here is an overview of the typical custom home design process:

Initial Consultations and Lifestyle Dialogue

In-depth discussions focus on comprehending your family’s needs and how you intend to utilize the home. The builder gains critical insights into how to optimize and customize the layout. Key considerations include hobbies, entertaining, remote working, children’s needs and future plans. The more the builder understands your lifestyle, the better the home design.

Reviewing Inspirations and Aesthetic Preferences

Gather images, sketches, fabric swatches and any visual inspirations to share with your builder. Collaborating on an aesthetic mood board ensures you’re aligned on styles and finishes you love. Articulate must-haves along with areas of flexibility. Your custom home should reflect your personal sensibilities.

Defining Home Specifications

Establishing target specifications includes items like total square footage, number of bedrooms, preferred exterior look, construction materials, system capabilities and special features. This framework helps guide the design plans. Focus on your family’s needs rather than keeping up with neighbors.

Creating an Initial Design Concept

With your lifestyle priorities, specifications and inspiration in mind, the builder will start laying out a home concept capturing your vision. Expect to go through several iterations incorporating your feedback until the preliminary design clicks on all cylinders.

Reviewing and Refining Floor Plans

Now the fun starts – seeing your home in Ocean City come to life through intricate floor plans! Continued collaboration allows tweaking the layout to perfection. Consider how you plan to furnish rooms and utilize spaces as you review.

Selecting Materials and Finishes

Choose interior and exterior materials that bring your inspiration to life, like flooring, cabinetry, countertops, lighting and trims. Creatively blending finishes creates a cohesive aesthetic. Quality custom builders have access to exclusive designer options.

Finalizing Architectural Plans

After aligning on layouts and specifications, the builder partners with architects to produce formal construction blueprints and documents. At this point, they have everything needed to seamlessly move into the building phase.

Investing ample time upfront in the design process pays dividends in a home that truly reflects your family’s lifestyle within budget parameters. With a collaborative, client-centric custom builder as your guide, you’ll design an ideal living space before breaking ground.

Incorporating Green and Sustainability

Today’s custom home clients often prioritize green, eco-friendly construction for its environmental and performance benefits. Sustainable building strategies can be seamlessly incorporated into custom homes without sacrificing aesthetics or quality.

Strategic Solar Orientation

Proper home orientation and placement of solar panels helps maximize clean energy production while reducing heating and cooling loads. Solar ready features also allow simple future photovoltaic upgrades.

Energy Efficient HVAC and Insulation

High-performance insulation, air sealing and duct work paired with ENERGY STAR certified HVAC equipment substantially reduce energy waste. Smart thermostats add convenience and efficiency.

Water Conserving Fixtures

Low-flow faucets, shower-heads and toilets along with graywater recycling systems conserve water usage. Rainwater capture further offsets demands.

Sustainable Materials and Healthy Finishes

Sourcing local, renewable and recycled materials maintains green integrity. Non-toxic, low-VOC finishes keep indoor air pure and healthy.

High-Tech Home Automation

Smart home technology adds convenience while optimizing energy and water usage. Control systems can proactively manage consumption.

Eco-Friendly Landscaping

Drought-tolerant native landscaping requires little to no irrigation. Careful site planning preserves existing trees and ecosystems.

Gifted green builders blend these features into stunning sustainable custom homes aligned with your vision. You can build an environmentally-friendly dream home without compromise.

Maximizing Enjoyment of Your Custom Home

After months collaborating with your builder, move-in day finally arrives – realize you’ve achieved the dream of a lifetime! Once settled into your new customized abode, keep the following tips in mind to maximize enjoyment for years to come:

Make It Yours with Cherished Items

Fill your home with favorite photos, art, collectibles and decor. The character of your possessions makes the house your home.

Use Spaces As Intended in the Design

Take advantage of custom features and layouts tailored to your lifestyle. Let the chef cook in the gourmet kitchen. Set up office space as planned.

Host Friends and Family

Show off your dream home! Your home was designed for entertaining so have people over often. Give house tours to let everyone admire the realization of your vision.

Adjust Lighting for Each Activity

Take advantage of layered ambient, task and accent lighting. Set the right mood for cooking, reading, viewing media and more through illumination.

Automate for Added Comfort and Convenience

Program scenes like “movie night” and “away” into your smart home system. Control lighting, music, climate and security settings with the tap of a button.

Care for Your Investment

Follow all maintenance recommendations to protect your home’s value and keep it in peak condition. Address minor issues before they grow.

Make Wise Modifications Down the Road

Remodel strategically after living in the home rather than immediately. Smart future renovations enhance enjoyment.

You put meticulous thought into every detail of your custom residence during the design process. Follow these tips once moved in to fully experience the lifestyle made possible in your new one-of-a-kind sanctuary.

Common Custom Home Questions

How is custom building different than production building?

Production builders construct multiple speculative homes in established developments according to a few model floor plans. The homes appeal to the masses. Custom homes are tailored to the homeowner’s lifestyle with personalized designs, layouts, finishes and features. The home is built for one specific client rather than an anonymous market.

What makes custom homes so special?

The ability to entirely personalize a home to match your family’s living needs makes custom building a special opportunity. You have creative license over layouts, aesthetics, functionality and fine details other buyers don’t. The home seamlessly fits your lifestyle rather than forcing adaptations.

How much input do I have in the design?

Reputable custom builders want you heavily involved throughout design, offering abundant feedback and directing the vision while they handle technical aspects. You’ll likely refine plans through several iterations before finalization. The more input provided, the better the home fulfills your aspirations.

Who owns the plans and design?

Industry standard is for builders to retain rights and ownership of the plans and architectural work. However, some grant joint ownership or exclusive rights to clients through contract provisions. Make sure intellectual property details are formalized.

How long does building a custom home take?

Custom construction often spans 6-12 months depending on home size, design complexity, material lead times and other factors. A typical breakdown is 1-2 months for design, 2-3 months for permitting, 4-6 months for construction. Patience is key during the process.

What factors increase cost?

More square footage, high-end finishes, complex rooflines, technology integration, extensive stonework, remote site locations and architectural details raise budgets. Managing expectations from the start helps avoid cost surprises.

When do I need to finalize design decisions?

Ideally major specifications like size, exterior look, layouts and finishes should be decided upon before drafting final plans and applying for permits. Changes mid-construction are possible but generally expensive.

How are payments handled during the build?

Custom homes are typically financed through periodic construction loan draws tied to completion percentages. Down payments range 10-20% with progress payments made as work is completed until final disbursement at occupancy.

Planning and building a custom home is an exciting journey made smoother by the guidance of an exceptional home builder devoted to crafting your dream. Do your research to find the ideal partner, embrace the collaborative process and enjoy bringing your ultimate living vision to reality.

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Remodeler Ocean City, MD

Remodeling – Experience Quality

Euro Homes brings unmatched expertise for home renovations in Ocean City, MD. For over 10 years, we’ve completed numerous successful remodeling projects in Maryland, from minor updates to expansions and whole-home transformations. Our full-service approach simplifies the process and delivers stunning, tailored results reflecting each homeowner’s unique lifestyle and vision. This comprehensive guide details our complete home remodeling process from initial consultation through project completion and beyond. Read on for an in-depth look at how we turn houses into dream homes with exceptional quality, service and communication every step of the way.

Remodeler Ocean City

Top Home Remodeling Projects in Ocean City, MD

Some of the most common remodeling projects we work on include kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, basements, and exteriors. Each offers unique benefits for homeowners looking to update their properties.

Kitchen Remodels

Kitchen remodels provide excellent return on investment, with costs recouped at resale averaging over 60%. Transforming layouts, installing new cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, lighting, and high-end appliances can turn your kitchen into a beautiful hub for cooking and entertaining.

Bathroom Remodels

Upgrading bathrooms with spacious layouts, vessel sinks, custom showers, soaking tubs, new lighting, tile, vanities, and safety grab bars can return 50-60% of project costs. We can also install low-flow toilets and fixtures to increase water efficiency.

Living Room Remodels

Opening up living room layouts improves natural light and home flow. Installing built-ins, fireplace surrounds, new windows and doors, trimwork, and lighting updates can modernize living rooms.

Basement Remodels and Additions

We can convert unfinished basements into recreational spaces by adding bedroom and bathroom layouts, egress windows, trimwork, flooring, and lighting. Home additions create more space for offices, gyms, guest suites, and more.

Exterior Remodels

Curb appeal projects like installing new siding, stonework, exterior paint, windows, doors, shutters and lighting can increase your home’s perceived value while protecting it from the elements.

Garage Remodels

Increase garage space functionality by finishing walls, installing storage systems, and applying epoxy floor coatings. We can also add windows and insulation to create workshop areas.

Smart Home Upgrades

Automating lighting, climate, security, and entertainment can provide convenience and energy savings. We offer multi-zone HVAC, motorized window shades, and audio/visual systems to maximize comfort.

Consider your needs, vision, budget and desired ROI when selecting remodeling projects. We’re happy to provide recommendations on maximizing your return.

Remodeling Ocean City MD

Our Remodeling Process

We follow a streamlined process for smooth, efficient and successful projects:

Initial Consultation

  • – Tour your home to understand needs, goals, issues and vision.
  • – Provide tailored recommendations based on budget, timeline and tastes.
  • – Define the right scope and sequence to maximize benefits.
  • – Build rapport and align on communication preferences.

Preliminary Design

  • – Create initial layouts, drawings, elevations based on consultation.
  • – Estimate costs once primary scope and selections are made.
  • – Collaboratively refine the designs until finalized.

Permits and Preconstruction

  • – Acquire permits and handle inspections.
  • – Install safeguards to protect home during work.
  • – Complete demolition, removals and prep work.

Construction and Structural Modifications

  • – Safely complete structural changes like additions and wall modifications.
  • – Upgrade electrical, plumbing, HVAC and insulation as needed.

Interior Finishes and Fixtures

  • – Install new cabinetry, trim, railings, lighting, hardware, woodwork.
  • – Complete tile, flooring, paint, wallpaper and countertop installation.

Exterior Updates

  • – Improve siding, stonework, roofing, windows, doors, drainage.
  • – Refresh exterior paint, lighting and landscaping.

Final Touch Ups and Orientation

  • – Thoroughly clean and test all systems.
  • – Homeowner walkthrough to ensure satisfaction.
  • – Begin one year post construction warranty period.

Constant communication and supervision ensure the highest quality results delivered on time and on budget.

Why Choose Euro Homes for Remodeling

With numerous successful local projects, Euro Homes has built an outstanding reputation for exceptional remodeling craftsmanship and customer service in Maryland. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Family-Owned Business: As hands-on owners, we’re personally invested in every project. Clients work directly with decision makers.
  • Local Expertise: With over a decade of experience, we know what works best for Ocean City homes, climate and lifestyles.
  • White Glove Customer Service: We’re obsessive communicators, guiding you through decisions for a smooth, enjoyable process.
  • Full-Service Firm: As a one-stop shop, we expertly handle architecture, design, permitting, construction and finishes.
  • Meticulous Project Management: Our managers closely oversee each phase, keeping you informed of progress.
  • Exceptional Craftsmanship: We use high standards for construction quality, functionality and aesthetics.
  • Long-Term Warranties: Enjoy continued peace of mind with our one year builder’s warranty.

For remodeling expertise you can trust, choose the proven local team who has transformed numerous homes. Let’s discuss perfecting your home.

Home Remodeling Costs and ROI

Project costs vary based on scope, finishes, customization and location. Typical price ranges include:

  • Minor Kitchen Remodel: $15,000 – $35,000
  • Major Kitchen Remodel: $50,000 – $150,000+
  • Minor Bath Remodel: $6,000 – $15,000
  • Major Bath Remodel: $25,000 – $60,000+
  • Whole Home Remodel: $100,000 – $500,000+
  • Basement Finish: $30,000 – $70,000
  • Garage Finish: $7,500 – $30,000
  • Roof Replacement: $6,000 – $30,000

Kitchen and bathroom remodels generally provide the highest ROI, recouping 50-60%+ of costs. Curb appeal and basement projects also boost home values. Align upgrades with neighborhood norms to maximize positioning. Compare quotes from highly reviewed contractors like Euro Homes. Be wary of pricing that seems too low.

Benefits of Remodeling

Strategic home remodeling with Euro Homes offers many advantages:

  • Create More Livable Space: Additions, finished basements and layout changes expand your footprint for hobbies, family, home offices and more.
  • Upgrade with Modern Finishes: Remodeling lets you replace outdated, worn finishes with fresh, contemporary styles suiting your taste. Refresh old carpets, kitchens, bathrooms, windows and more.
  • Enhance Comfort and Functionality: Change layouts, upgrade HVAC and lighting, remodel bathrooms/kitchens and add universal design features to improve daily livability.
  • Personalize Your Home: Incorporate custom millwork, tile, lighting and other bespoke details reflecting your personality and aesthetic.
  • Boost Resale Value: Kitchen, bathroom, curb appeal and finished basement updates offer great ROI, increasing market value.
  • Accommodate Life Changes: Remodel to support multigenerational living, aging in place, children and lifestyle shifts.

Remodeling strategic areas is often more affordable than moving. Our team helps determine the best projects to perfect your home now while boosting long-term value.

How to Select the Right Remodeling Contractor

Choosing the right remodeling pro is key for a smooth, successful project. Look for:

  • Established Local Business: Seek companies rooted in your community with a permanent address. Avoid fly-by-night contractors.
  • Remodeling Specialization: Look for remodeler-specific firms with deep similar project experience vs. general contractors.
  • License and Insurance Verification: Confirm proper licensing, bonding and liability/workers comp insurance.
  • Great Online Reviews: Reviews provide insight into communication, professionalism, timeliness and quality.
  • Quality of Past Projects: Inspect completed project examples focusing on materials, craftsmanship and design.
  • Good Rapport: Ensure you connect well with the project team and are confident in their skills.

Take time to thoroughly vet contractors. Price should not be the primary factor – quality of experience matters most.

Thoughtful Planning and Design

Successful remodeling requires careful planning and design. Here are our top tips:

  • Design for How You Live: Observe your family’s habits and optimize the layout for your lifestyle.
  • Consider Future Needs: Incorporate universal design and timeless styles instead of short-lived trends.
  • Prioritize Quality Over Quantity: Carefully select durable materials from reputable brands with warranties.
  • Create a Cohesive Look: Ensure additions blend seamlessly with existing architecture in a unified style.
  • Use Natural Light Strategically: Add windows and skylights to brighten dark rooms. Open sightlines.
  • Improve Traffic Flow: Remove mazes and connect rooms with wide openings. Improve transitions between spaces.
  • Balance Form and Function: Optimize layouts to be both highly functional and visually appealing.

The best remodels expertly combine practicality, beauty and quality with a focus on the long-term. Our team provides guidance to ensure your project succeeds.

How to Add Personal Style to Your Remodel

Remodeling allows you to customize your home through unique details like:

  • Backsplashes: Incorporate custom tile mosaics, accents and trims.
  • Tile Floors: Select bold patterns, shapes or ornate designs like chevron. Add decorative border tiles.
  • Cabinetry: Choose unique profiles, custom stains or specialty accents like glass fronts.
  • Ceilings: Add visual interest with beams, coffering, wood planks or textured finishes.
  • Lighting: Install fixtures with interesting shapes, materials and finishes.
  • Plumbing: Upgrade to sculptural or vintage-inspired fixtures.
  • Millwork: Incorporate custom molding, ceiling details, bookshelves and window seats.
  • Wall Finishes: Use bold accent walls, creative paint techniques and statement wallcoverings.
  • Outdoor Living: Personalize with unique plantings, lighting, water features and materials.

Enhance form and function with special touches reflecting your personality and passions.

When Should I Finalize Design Selections?

Expect to select preliminary finishes shortly after plans are finalized, including:

  • – Cabinet door styles
  • – Countertop materials
  • – Backsplash tile
  • – Interior and exterior colors
  • – Flooring types
  • – Plumbing fixtures
  • – Lighting

Final selections are typically needed 6-8 weeks before installation to allow for ordering and scheduling. Avoid locking in every detail too early in case plans change. Our designers advise you through the process.

Can I Change My Mind Mid-Project? Yes, we build in contingencies for minor changes or tweaks. However, substantial changes once underway can cause delays and added costs. Here are best practices when considering alterations:

  • – Limit changes after demolition begins to avoid compromising completed work.
  • – Avoid adjustments after finalizing cabinetry/countertop orders due to their long lead times.
  • – Additions and layout changes usually need to be finalized before permit submission.
  • – Expect less flexibility with specialty finishes like stone or tile. Simpler swaps like paint color are easier.

Carefully think through the overall vision before finalizing designs to minimize the need for revisions later. We’re happy to advise on change order timelines and policies.

What is the Typical Remodeling Timeline?

Remodeling projects vary widely in their duration depending on the scope:

  • Minor Kitchen Update: 1-2 months
  • Full Kitchen Redesign: 2-3 months
  • Small Bathroom Remodel: 1-2 weeks
  • Complete Master Bath Overhaul: 1.5-3 months
  • Basic Basement Finish: 1.5-2.5 months
  • 2-Story Addition: 3-6 months
  • Whole Home Renovation: 6+ months

Timelines consider factors like permit approval, material availability, contractor schedule and weather. We provide detailed weekly project plans so you understand what to expect. For major renovations, consider alternative living arrangements during construction if possible. Phasing smaller projects room-by-room can minimize displacement. Discuss options to reduce disruption based on your specific project.

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Bathroom Remodeler Ocean City MD

Bathroom – The Complete Guide

Is your bathroom outdated, dysfunctional, or just plain boring? At Euro Homes, we specialize in Ocean City bathroom remodels that transform lackluster spaces into relaxing, modern oases reflecting your unique style. With over a decade of experience, our team oversees every aspect of the remodeling process from initial consultation and planning to demolition, construction, finishes, and final details. This comprehensive guide will walk you through our proven bathroom remodeling process so you can bring your dream bath to life with the help of our professional experts.

Bathroom Remodeler Ocean City

Top Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

A strategically designed bathroom remodel provides many advantages for your  home:

  • Replace Outdated Features: Swap worn, damaged or outdated finishes and fixtures with fresh, modern styles that better match your tastes. Say goodbye to 80s mauve tile, and hello to clean white subway tile. Upgrade to rain showers, stylish vanities, and contemporary lighting.
  • Enhance Relaxation and Comfort: Indulge in a spa-like personal sanctuary with luxury features like a standalone soaking tub, heated floors, and plush towels. Improved lighting and ventilation also optimize comfort.
  • Gain Functional Storage: Redesigned layouts and new cabinetry with organizational inserts allow you to reduce clutter. Built-in shelving, oversized medicine cabinets, and drawer dividers also help.
  • Reconfigure Layouts: Adjust the layout to remedy wasted space, cramped quarters, and poor traffic flow and sightlines. Improved accessibility is also key.
  • Boost Safety: Replace outdated electrical and plumbing, install GFCIs, improve lighting, add grab bars and non-slip tile, and regulate water temperatures for safety, especially for children and seniors.
  • Increase Energy Efficiency: Low-flow toilets, faucets and showerheads conserve water. LED lighting, fans and insulated walls lower utility bills.
  • Boost Home Value: A major bath remodel recoups over 60% of costs when selling. Contemporary finishes make your home appealing to buyers.

With strategic remodeling, you’ll gain years of enjoyment from a meticulously designed bath tailored to your lifestyle.

Smart Planning Tips for Remodeling Success

Careful planning and decision-making ensures a smooth and successful  bathroom remodeling project. Our top tips include:

  • – Build contingencies into your budget for unforeseen issues like leaky valves behind walls.
  • – Make finish selections early to prevent procurement and scheduling delays.
  • – Thoroughly declutter before work begins so vanities and cabinets offer optimized storage.
  • – Adjust proposed storage layouts for maximum efficiency. Incorporate pull-outs, dividers and other smart inserts.
  • – Take lighting design seriously, updating fixtures not just for aesthetics but optimal brightness for tasks. Add windows or skylights when possible.
  • – Avoid moving or altering plumbing layouts when feasible since this adds significant expense.
  • – If possible, keep using the existing bathroom during early demolition to minimize displacement and disruption.

Let us optimize every inch to maximize form and function in your new bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling Ocean City Md

What Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Bathroom remodel costs vary based on factors like the project scope, chosen finishes and materials, layout alterations, and local labor rates. Typical price ranges include:

  • Minor Cosmetic Refresh: $2,000 – $5,000
  • Partial Updates: $5,000 – $15,000
  • Complete Standard Bath Overhaul: $15,000 – $30,000
  • Upscale Master Bathroom Remodel: $25,000 – $60,000+

Higher-end products, expansive layout changes, and luxury add-ons increase overall budgets. We provide detailed estimates after designing your new bathroom.

Why Homeowners Select Euro Homes

Euro Homes offers exclusive advantages as your local bathroom remodeling contractor:

  • Family-owned  company with over 10 years of experience and numerous successful remodels completed.
  • In-house architectural design services to conceptualize your new bathroom so you avoid outside architect fees.
  • Project management expertise on renovations ranging from simple DIY facelifts to full gut jobs with structural changes.
  • Meticulous attention to detail and precision craftsmanship for flawless execution and durability.
  • Constant communication and supervision to ensure smooth work by all trades and suppliers.
  • All work performed locally by our trusted crews and contractors – we don’t hire random subs.
  • Long-term warranty protection to safeguard your investment.

From idea conceptualization to final cleanup, our skilled team will simplify your bathroom remodeling process for your  home.

Designing Your Perfect Bathroom  in Ocean City, Maryland

Our team will collaborate with you each step of the design process to bring your dream bathroom to life:

Gather Inspiration

Spend time on home remodeling sites and design blogs to create an inspiration board with photos of bathrooms with features, colors, styles and themes you’re attracted to. This helps define priorities and aesthetics.

Evaluate Your Needs

Analyze how you currently use your bathroom and what you like or dislike about the existing layout and features. Consider if your needs are changing. Key factors like accessibility also come into play.

Set Your Budget

Have a budget maximum and minimum in mind and be open about your financial parameters. This allows us to tailor suggestions to your budget and provide cost-saving ideas if needed.

Prioritize Features

Outline your top must-have features like a large walk-in shower, double vanity, or luxury freestanding tub. Also note needs like adequate lighting for makeup, storage for towels, or a private water closet.

Select Finishes

This is when you make all of your design selections for tile, cabinetry, countertops, plumbing fixtures, lighting, paint colors and other material finishes. Durable, low maintenance choices are ideal.

Adapt as Needed

The beauty of remodeling is the ability to tweak plans, add new ideas or make minor changes along the way. We anticipate adaptations and build in contingencies. No matter your taste and budget, we will collaborate to design a timelessly beautiful bathroom tailored to how you live.

The 6 Phases of Bathroom Remodeling

We take a phased approach to bathroom remodeling to ensure systematic completion:

Design and Planning

The process starts with an initial design consultation where we learn your style, needs and budget. After viewing our project photo gallery for inspiration, we’ll create preliminary 3D renderings and floorplan layout options for your feedback. This leads to finalized working drawings with all details like tile patterns and finishes determined.

Permits and Demolition

With final plans approved, we acquire proper building permits and arrange any required plumbing, electrical or structural inspections. Your home interior will be protected from potential damage before we complete selective demolition and properly prep the space.

Installation and Construction

The construction phase involves crucial structural and system upgrades like relocating drain lines, adding new electrical circuits and improving ventilation. Wall framing, drywall, backing boards, waterproofing and plumbing and lighting rough-ins also take place before we’re ready for finishes.

Tiling and Cabinetry Details

The messy demolition stages are done, and now the bath takes shape as tilework is completed and meticulously grouted. Next cabinetry, trim and counter fabrication and installation check off major tasks. The new fixtures and hardware are ready to take center stage.

Finishing Touches

The finishing touches like installing mirrors, accessories, the toilet and tub along with caulking and painting provide the final flourish. We’ll thoroughly clean the new bath and confirm all construction dust and debris is removed before the final walk through.

Completion and Follow-Up

We complete an orientation walk-through to introduce you to the stunning new space and answer questions. Warranty manuals, operating instructions and maintenance tips are provided. Our one-year builder’s warranty gives you peace of mind. With constant oversight and project management, we transform your bathroom hassle-free.

FAQs from Remodeling Clients

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about bathroom remodels:

How long will my bathroom remodel take? Typical timelines range from 4-8 weeks depending on project scope. We provide estimated schedules.

Should I DIY any parts of the remodel? While minor cosmetic updates may be DIY-friendly, we recommend letting the experts handle all construction for best results.

What are signs of a quality remodeler? Look for an experienced local company with proven expertise, excellent reviews, and good communication skills.

When should I select my finishes like tile and vanity? Expect to select preliminary finishes early after approving the overall design plan.

How do I add more bathroom storage? Smart storage solutions include drawer organizers, pull-out cabinets, wall shelves, recessed niches, freestanding furniture and under-sink organizers.

What design trends are most popular now? Walk-in showers, frameless glass doors, floating vanities, wall-hung toilets, wood accents, and large-scale tile are rising trends.

Reviews From Our Satisfied Clients

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from past clients about their exceptional experiences remodeling with Euro Homes:

“We had Euro Homes remodel our outdated kitchen and family room and we could not be more thrilled with the results. They far surpassed our expectations. From design to completion, the team was professional, responsive and truly masterful at their craft. We highly recommend them.” – Christine M., Lewes, DE

“I highly recommend Euro Homes for any home remodeling project. They recently handled a full second story addition for us and facilitated every step from getting permits to finishing. The project manager’s communication was excellent throughout. Their craftsmanship is outstanding and they use high quality materials.” – Mark J., Long Neck, DE

“Euro Homes just completed a whole kitchen remodel for us and we could not be happier. They created a beautiful new open concept kitchen that perfectly matches our tastes. We really appreciated the designer’s ability to translate our vision into a functional space. Top-notch work all around.” – Andrea B., Frankford, DE

“We interviewed several contractors for our bathroom remodel but ultimately went with Euro Homes and are so glad we did. Their upfront information was very detailed and the project was completed on time and on budget with constant communication from the project manager. Very professional from start to finish.” – Michael T., Ocean View, DE

The Euro Homes team looks forward to helping make your dream kitchen remodel a reality. We have worked with many homeowners Contact us today to schedule your design consultation!

Looking for a contractor, company, or service who is experienced at remodeling and renovations? Call us! Searching for companies or services in my area with top reviews who can work on your kitchen and bath? Searching for a local company who does remodel design, replaces cabinet and counter tops at affordable price? Call now! Searching for a reliable contractor to install a new shower or make your bath accessible? Call us!

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Kitchen Remodeler Ocean City, MD

Kitchen – Quality and Function

If the kitchen of your Ocean City home feels outdated, doesn’t work well, or no longer fits your family’s needs, Euro Homes can help. We specialize in kitchen remodels that turn tired, old kitchens into contemporary cooking spaces designed around each client. With over 10 years of remodeling experience, our team handles every part of the remodel – from layouts to cabinets to finishing touches. This guide explains our proven kitchen remodeling process so you can get your dream kitchen with our experts’ help. Keep reading to learn how Euro Homes can reimagine your home’s heart through a custom kitchen renovation made just for you.

Kitchen Remodeler Ocean City

Designing Your Ideal Kitchen

Our experienced interior designers will collaborate with you each step to bring your dream kitchen to life:

Assess how you currently use your kitchen and what does or doesn’t work.

Observe existing patterns related to cooking, cleaning, organizing, entertaining, traffic flow, and storage. Prioritize what you hope to change vs preserve. This self-assessment establishes clear goals.

Define your style, must-haves, and wish list.

What general aesthetic do you envision – modern, traditional, transitional, contemporary, or farmhouse? List any must-have features like a spacious island, double ovens, specialty lighting, or luxury appliances. Compile an inspiration wish list of dream finishes and details.

Collect inspiring kitchen photos from sites like Houzz and Pinterest.

Curate images of designs you love showcasing desired layouts, finishes, colors, materials, and styles. This visual inspiration communicates your preferences and priorities.

Keep functionality front of mind throughout the design process.

Ensure the new layout, work zones, storage solutions, and appliances optimize how your family lives and cooks. Form follows function.

Select finishes that balance aesthetics, durability, and easy maintenance.

While you want a beautiful kitchen, it must also withstand heavy use. Cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and backsplashes should be easy to clean and moisture-resistant.

Incorporate abundant task lighting plus accent and ambient lighting.

Proper illumination makes kitchen tasks safer and easier while providing aesthetic appeal. Use different lighting types and layers.

Be open to ideas that improve flow, visibility, and ergonomics.

Removing upper cabinets, opening walls, adding a window over the sink – don’t fear thinking outside the box! By thoroughly understanding your needs, style, and patterns, we’ll design a timeless, highly functional kitchen tailored to your lifestyle.

Kitchen Remodeling Ocean City Md

Our 6 Step Process

We follow a streamlined process focused on smooth, efficient project execution:

Design Development and Planning

This phase involves home meetings where we learn your style preferences, must-have features, storage needs, and budget. We’ll work together on space planning concepts, preliminary layouts, 3D renderings, elevations, and material selections until the design is finalized.

Permits and Pre-Construction

With approved plans in place, we get all necessary permits needed in Ocean City, and complete selective demolition, removals, and space prep protection steps. All subcontractors are scheduled during this coordination phase.

Kitchen Installation and Structural Modifications

Construction and installation work begins by safely executing any structural changes like moving walls, adjusting windows/doors, plus system upgrades like electrical, plumbing, ventilation, and HVAC improvements.

Cabinetry, Counters and Backsplashes

Your kitchen really takes shape as we install cabinetry, hardware, countertops, tile backsplashes, trimwork, solid surface or natural stone counters per the approved design.

Finishing Touches

We complete final details like adding lighting fixtures, sinks, high-end appliances, accessories, and any remaining paintwork. Meticulous caulking, sealing and cleanup prep finish the process.

Completion and Follow-Up

We conduct a homeowner walk-through orientation to introduce the stunning new kitchen and answer questions. All manuals, warranties, and maintenance tips are provided too. Constant communication and oversight ensure we execute your kitchen remodel seamlessly from demolition to completion.

What Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Kitchen renovation costs vary based on factors like project scale, chosen finishes and materials, appliances, layout changes, and location. Typical price ranges in the Ocean City area include:

  • Minor Updates: $7,500 – $15,000
  • Partial Remodel: $20,000 – $40,000
  • Full Luxury Custom Overhaul: $50,000 – $150,000+

Higher-end product selections, extensive structural changes, and luxury add-ons increase overall project budgets. At Euro Homes, we provide detailed estimates after collaboratively designing your new kitchen including all desired features and finishes.

Top Reasons for Remodeling Your Kitchen

A strategic kitchen remodel offers many great benefits:

  • Contemporary Style: Replace old appliances, cabinets, counters, sinks and lighting with fresh, modern options you’ll love.
  • Better Layout and Flow: Reconfigure work triangles, walkways, visibility, and transitions between the kitchen, dining, and living areas.
  • More Storage and Organization: Built-in cabinets, pull-outs, pantries, islands, and other storage solutions keep items handy but out of sight.
  • Upgraded Systems and Safety: Update electrical, plumbing, ventilation, lighting, and HVAC for optimal safety, efficiency, and tech integration.
  • Customized Zone Creation: Add specialized prep, cleaning, and dining zones tailored to how your family uses the space.
  • Increased Energy Efficiency: ENERGY STAR appliances, LED lighting, better insulation, and HVAC upgrades conserve energy.
  • Higher Home Value: Attractive kitchen updates can increase home value 60-80% of project cost by interesting potential buyers.

A kitchen remodel lets you enjoy a meticulously personalized chef’s haven designed around your cooking, entertaining, and lifestyle needs for years to come.

Why Maryland Homeowners Choose Us

With over 10 years completing custom home building and remodeling projects in the Ocean City area, Euro Homes is a leader in high-end residential construction and renovations. Here are some reasons discerning homeowners pick Euro Homes as their kitchen remodeler:

  • Local Expertise and Reputation: Our  team only takes local projects so we can closely supervise work and uphold our reputation.
  • Full Range of Services: We handle not just kitchen overhauls but whole home remodels, additions, custom homes, porches, decks, and more.
  • Custom Home Building Background: Our expertise crafting new luxury custom homes transfers perfectly to creating dream kitchens.
  • Experienced In-House Design Team: Our architects and designers handle everything in-house, saving you outside consultant trips.
  • Meticulous Construction and Craftsmanship: We don’t cut corners and have very high standards for precision, quality, and durability.
  • Proven Track Record: Numerous satisfied local clients happily vouch for our kitchen remodeling expertise.
  • Industry Association Member: We actively participate in the National Association of Home Builders and Delaware Home Builders Association.
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: We stand behind our work on every project we take on.

From concept to completion, our experts simplify kitchen remodeling by handling the whole process for you.

Smart Planning Guidelines for Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

Meticulous planning and design from the start help ensure a smooth, efficient kitchen remodeling project. Our top tips include:

  • – Build extra contingencies into your budget for unforeseen issues behind walls.
  • – Make all finish selections early to prevent procurement delays later.
  • – Thoroughly declutter and organize kitchen contents before work begins.
  • – Refine proposed layouts to maximize visibility, accessibility, and ease of movement based on traffic flow.
  • – Take lighting design seriously for aesthetics, task visibility, and safety.
  • – Avoid moving plumbing and electrical when possible to prevent added costs.
  • – Schedule remodeling during temperate weather if possible to avoid HVAC complications.
  • – Stagger stages and work zone-by-zone to keep portions of the kitchen functional.

Careful collaboration and planning allows us to optimize form and function to match your family’s cooking and lifestyle priorities.

FAQs from Our Remodeling Clients

Below we answer some of the most common kitchen remodeling questions fielded by our team:

What are signs of a quality remodeler?

Look for an experienced local company like Euro Homes with great reviews, communication skills, and proven expertise.

How long will my kitchen remodel take?

Typical timelines range from 4-10 weeks depending on project scope. We provide comprehensive project schedules broken down week-by-week.

When should I select finishes like cabinetry and countertops?

Expect to select preliminary finishes shortly after approving the overall design plan.

What are the most popular kitchen design trends right now?

Open concept layouts, two-tone and white cabinetry, quartz countertops, statement lighting, smart appliances, and natural material accents are rising in popularity.

Should I DIY any parts of the remodel?

We recommend letting experts handle all construction for optimal results. But we happily teach maintenance tips for caring for your new kitchen.

How can I add more kitchen storage?

Smart solutions include pull-outs, pantries, islands with storage, custom built-ins, full extension drawers, and specialty organizers.

How can I bring my ideas to life?

Our experienced in-house design team will translate your wish list into 3D concepts and collaborate to create a kitchen tailored to your family’s lifestyle. Let the experts at Euro Homes eliminate the stress and handle your kitchen remodel from start to finish. Contact us today to schedule your design consultation!

Reviews From Satisfied Clients

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from past clients about their exceptional experiences remodeling with Euro Homes:

“Euro Homes just completed a whole kitchen remodel for us and we could not be happier. They created a beautiful new open concept kitchen that perfectly matches our tastes. We really appreciated the designer’s ability to translate our vision into a functional space. Top-notch work all around.” – Andrea B., Frankford, DE

“We had Euro Homes remodel our outdated kitchen and family room and we could not be more thrilled with the results. They far surpassed our expectations. From design to completion, the team was professional, responsive and truly masterful at their craft. We highly recommend them.” – Christine M., Lewes, DE

“I highly recommend Euro Homes for any home remodeling project. They recently handled a full second story addition for us and facilitated every step from getting permits to finishing. The project manager’s communication was excellent throughout. Their craftsmanship is outstanding and they use high quality materials.” – Mark J., Long Neck, DE

“We interviewed several contractors for our bathroom remodel but ultimately went with Euro Homes and are so glad we did. Their upfront information was very detailed and the project was completed on time and on budget with constant communication from the project manager. Very professional from start to finish.” – Michael T., Ocean View, DE

The Euro Homes team looks forward to helping make your dream kitchen remodel a reality. Contact us today to schedule your design consultation!

Looking for a contractor, company, or service who is experienced at remodeling and renovations? Call us!
Searching for Maryland companies or services in my area with top reviews who can work on your kitchen and bath? Searching for a local company who does remodel design, replaces cabinet and counter tops at affordable price? Call now!

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About Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City Maryland Usa 2018 07 14

By Drngogo – Taken with a DJI Phantom 4 drone., CC BY-SA 4.0,

Ocean City, officially the Town of Ocean City, is an Atlantic resort town in Worcester County, Maryland, along the East Coast of the United States. The population was 6,844 at the 2020 U.S. census, although during summer weekends the city hosts between 320,000 and 345,000 vacationers and up to eight million visitors annually. During the summer, Ocean City becomes the second most populated municipality in Maryland, after Baltimore.[3][2] It is part of the Salisbury metropolitan area, as defined by the United States Census Bureau.


19th century

Prior to the European colonization of what is now Maryland in the 17th century, the shoreline of the Delmarva Peninsula had been populated for thousands of years by Indigenous peoples including the Algonquian-speaking Assateague and Nanticoke peoples.[4] The land on which the city was built and much of the surrounding area was obtained by Thomas Fenwick, an Englishman, from the Indigenous peoples of the region. In 1869, businessman Isaac Coffin built the first beach-front cottage to receive paying guests. During those days, people arrived by stagecoach and ferry.

Soon after, other simple boarding houses were built on the strip of sand, with the activity attracting prominent businessmen from the Maryland Eastern Shore, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Wilmington. They came not so much to visit as to survey the spit. A decision was made to develop it and 250 lots were cut into it, and a corporation was formed to help with the development of the land. The corporation stock of 4,000 shares sold for $25 each.

Prior to 1870, what is now Ocean City was known as “The Ladies’ Resort to the Ocean”.

The Atlantic Hotel, the first major hotel in the town, opened July 4, 1875. The Atlantic Hotel was originally owned by the Atlantic Hotel Company, but eventually Charles W. Purnell bought it in 1923. As of 2014, it is still owned and operated by the Purnell family.[6] Besides the beach and ocean, it offered dancing and billiard rooms to the visitors of its more than 400 rooms, and for years it was the northernmost attraction in Ocean City. By 1878, tourists could come by the Wicomico & Pocomoke Railroad from Berlin to the shores of Sinepuxent Bay across from the town. By 1881, a line was completed across Sinepuxent Bay to the shore, bringing rail passengers on the Baltimore, Chesapeake and Atlantic Railroad directly into the town to a train station on Philadelphia Avenue and returning to larger city markets with locally caught fish from Ocean City.


Driving around Ocean City